How to Use Material 3 in the Flutter Project With Example


In this post, I will show you how to use Material 3 or Material You in your flutter project, by default flutter is using a material design that is the previous version but now we have Material 3 latest material design from Google.

As we all know flutter 3.0 is out now and it supports the latest Material 3 design by Google.

Steps to use material 3 in the flutter project:

You can also watch a video

First of all, we need to upgrade the flutter from 2.10 to 3.0, then we can use material 3

in the flutter project.

To upgrade flutter simply run the below command in your cmd or terminal and it will upgrade your flutter version.


Once the upgrade process is done create a new flutter project or open an existing flutter project.

Now in your main.dart file set useMaterial3: true inside ThemeData


This will change the regular Material Design of your app to the latest Material 3 design, to see the changes hot restart your app.

Written by Hilal Ahmad

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