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  • flutter3-material3-design

    How to Use Material 3 in the Flutter Project With Example

    In this post, I will show you how to use Material 3 or Material You in your flutter project, by default flutter is using a material design that is the previous version but now we have Material 3 latest material design from Google. As we all know flutter 3.0 is out now and it supports the […] More

  • Flutter Toast Message Example Tutorial

    Toast is a flash message in a flutter, which displays some information to the user for a limited time and it appears at the bottom of the screen and disappears. Generally, we use a flutter toast message to notify the user about some status of action performed. For example, the use sign-in to the app successfully […] More

  • flutter snackbar

    Customize Flutter Snackbar Example

    Flutter snackbar is a material widget in flutter. Snackbar in flutter is use to notify users with a short message. We can use flutter snackbar after a particular action eg: after deleting a file or when there is no internet connection available and flutter snackbar displayed at bottom of screen and display a message for a short […] More