How To Create A New Project In Android Studio 2021

Create A New Project In Android Studio 2021

We create a new project in android studio to create a new Mobile Application for Android.

To create a new project in android studio perform the following steps:

1. Click on “Create New Project”


2. After that you will see Select a Project Template on your computer screen and Select the “Activity” as per requirement and then Click Next button. We selected “Empty Activity”.


3. In this step you can enter important details about your app, such as your app name and package name.

Important Note: Package name is used to uniquely identify the App. So two apps with the same Application name will have different package names. Another thing to know is that the company domain is written in reverse. Ex: com.softcoding.

Here you must decide the programming language you want to use while coding the app. For now, select Java and also select a minimum SDK for your project, and press Finish.

Minimum SDK: To select the operating system which must be the least version to run your app, here “Lollipop” is made Minimum SDK, and phones and tablets with versions lower to this OS will not be able to run your app.


4. Android Studio will now take a minute or two to generate and configure the project. Then, a default app will be created with all default files as shown below.


Written by Hilal Ahmad

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