How to Design Bottom Navigation View Like Pinterest in Android Studio

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In this post you will learn how to design Bottom Navigation View Like Pinterest in Android.

We use bottom navigation view to navigate through our android application, So to design Bottom Navigation like Pinterest.

We will use custom design for our Bottom Navigation View.

First of all create a new project in android studio

1. Now add a new drawable XML file ‘item_selector’ in res->drawables and paste following code to that XML file.

2. Create another drawable XML file ‘nav_bg’ in res->drawables, this drawable will be the background for Navigation View

3. Right click on drawables goto new->vector asset and add 4 icons which you want to display on Navigation View.


4. Right click on res goto new->android resource file name it ‘menu_bottom’ and select ‘Menu’ as resource type click ok and paste below code in your menu_bottom file.

5. Open activity_main.xml and paste the following code.

6. Now open your file and paste the following code there.

Great! you have just created Bottom Navigation View like Pinterest below is the final result of our design.

Happy Coding….



Written by Hilal Ahmad

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